Aroy is Thai for delicious – one of the words we, and our customers, use to describe the authentic Thai cuisine prepared here at AROY.

Like many other Asian cuisines, Thai cuisine/fare consists of many combinations of aromatic blends and flavours. However, Thai dishes use a wide variety of herbs and spices which are not commonly found in other cuisines such as galangal, turmeric, kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass, thai lemon basil and fresh chillies.

The variety and combination of herbs and spices used in Thai cuisine also makes it one of the healthiest you can eat. For example, galangal is a natural anti-oxidant and is used for treating nausea while lemongrass helps in the recovery of colds and depression.


In order to preserve the benefits and flavour of these herbs and spices, Thai cooking places emphasis on delicately prepared dishes without compromising on the complexity and balance of the taste.

At Aroy, we have continued this tradition since 2007 by bringing you authentic Thai cuisine, with all its benefits and flavours, without fanfare or a hefty price tag. We believe everyone deserves Thai cuisine that is authentic, affordable, convenient and most of all…Aroy!

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